Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Risk Management in Custom Software Development in India

software development companies in India

Now a days, many software development companies in India use custom software for their critical business activities like inventory management, customer management, human resource management, financial management etc. Basically custom software development means developing software for particular client as per his specific needs his requirements. All the organizations have different working structure thus they have different needs, for satisfying this type of varying requirements trend of custom software development in India has come. These software are costlier compare to other normal software and risk involved in making it is also higher. As it is made for specific client if it dose not work properly it can not be used anywhere else.

For safety purpose and effective planning custom software development companies should include risk management process while making plan for developing custom software. Risk management  allows to identify your projects strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. Risk management is basically an approach in which we explore identify, analyse and mitigate the risks that can affect our project. By planning for an unexpected event you can avoid it when it arises. As custom software are high on cost,  it is very beneficial to identify all their risks related to cost, time, quality ,changing requirements to avoid failure. By identifying, avoiding and dealing with potential risks in advance, you ensure that your employees can respond effectively when challenges emerge and require intervention.

Major problem in custom software development is that the scope is creep. As it is created as per requirements it can be changed during the project development phase and it is difficult to deal with changing requirements. If we have made proper risk management plan it includes all the unplanned situation which can be arise. The risks associated with custom software application development can be minimized by following time-tested and widely accepted software development methodologies like Incremental, Prototyping and Spiral. Prototyping allows the developers to create prototype and test run it to see whether it can deliver the desired result. It is best way to avoid risk related to unsuccessful implementation.

Some of the benefits of risk management are it validates and communicates project progress and risks, Evaluate and quantify project progress against benchmark, ensure project accountability and benchmark, clarify accuracy and relevance of project etc.

Microsec implements custom software development. Allday, a technology company needed one software for their daily activity recording. Allday Time Systems has specialized in the accurate recording of staff working hours since the very earliest days of mechanical clock machines, right up to today's SAAS options for Public Sector, Hospitality and Retail. Their proposed modern software solution - central to long-term strategy - was on the drawing board, and they needed the right type of custom development partner to help them build it out. Microsec provided them solution. Company included all the aspects of related risks and how o mitigate them. It implemented software successfully. The finished platform specified and delivered by Microsec was based on SQL Server 2008, and utilising Windows Forms, VB.NET, C#, TCP/IP, Microsoft Remoting, and HTTP which is as per clients needs.

Thus,all the custom software development companies should include best practice of risk management for successful project development.

Author Signature : Venu Majmudar

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