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Importance of Project Management in Software Development Companies

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In software development companies, Project Management is the art and science of planning and controlling the software projects. Project management helps you control scope, time, quality, cost, human resource related all the detail plan. It streamlines the process of developing any project and provides effective way to conduct the implementation. Project management helps in setting the goals, the actions needed to achieve those goals, plans how these goals are achieved.

Projects are completed by teams of people who are specially chosen because of their skills, potential and knowledge to contribute to the final output. Unless there is a structured and scientific approach to the managing projects, custom software development company in India would find themselves not familiarize and hence would be unable to meet the challenges that the modern era throws at them.

Major reasons for project failure are lack of communication between stack holders, failure to establish control over requirements and scope, lack of risk management, poor quality implementation, schedule slippage, poor plan, under estimation of the complexity, changing requirements, etc. Denver airport baggage system Originally billed as the most advanced system in the world, the baggage handling system  become one of the biggest examples of project failure. Originally planned to automate the handling of baggage through the entire airport, the system proved to be so much complex than some had original believed. Implemented system never functioned properly and  the system was scrapped.  The $2M monthly cost to maintain the system was outweighing the value the remaining parts of the system offered and using a manual system actually cut costs. Major Issues were Underestimation of project complexity, schedule and budget, Dismissal of advice from experts ,Changes in requirements, Complex architecture  Failure to build in backup or recovery process to handle situations in which part of the system failed is major reason for project failure .If they had develop proper project management plan this situation could have been avoided.

There are so many examples of project success in the custom software development company in India due to proper project management. An example of project success due to project management, Hotel management system for Wahda master development located in Abu dhabi city in UAE. They implemented project using this method and ensured that project management and cost consultancy to the development of software involved in every element from the master planning of the development to the concept development and management of all the details related to hotel. EC Harris developed detailed and systematic procedures through a project management gateway approach, which involved design verification checks, employer sign-off at various phases, value engineering workshops, and risk management. They worked step by step according to the plan for making user friendly and employee friendly hotel management site using proper project management and they succeeded.

Thus, project management is about creating the structure and managing  project commitments and proper delivery. By using the methods of project management, custom software development company can seek to achieve control over the project environment and they ensure that the project deliverables are being managed. Thus in this competing environment every software development company should ensure that they make proper project management plan to implement projects successfully. Without using Project Management, the managers and organizations face an unpredictable situations on which they have little or no control. Thus, Project Management is both necessary and essential to the success of the project and the software development companies.

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