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Industry Safety Standards and its Implications : Part-1

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General safety goals for industry

  • Provide workers with a safe work environment.
  • Conduct routine/regular workplace inspections.
  • Provide Personal Protective Equipment. 
  • Develop and implement safe work procedures and rules.
  • Provide on-going safety training 
  • Enforce safety rules and appropriate discipline.
  • Provide on-going property conservation practices.

Safety Rules For industry

  • All injuries must be reported as soon as possible.
  • No horseplay, alcohol, or drugs allowed on premises. 
  • No alcohol usage allowed during lunch break. 
  • PPE must be worn as prescribed by management. 
  • All tools/equipment must be maintained in good condition.
  • Only appropriate tools shall be used for specific jobs. 
  • All guards must be kept in place. 
  • No spliced electrical cords/wiring allowed. 
  • Only authorized personnel can operate forklift vehicles.
  • Smoking allowed only in lunch room. 
  • Seat belt use required of all drivers/passengers

Here is a list of some of the typical international and national standards that are relevant to industry safety including software development companies.This section should be read in conjunction with the Regulation section.

Most of the countries are working towards global harmonization of standards. This is especially evident in the area of machine safety. Global safety standards are governed by two organizations: ISO and IEC. Regional and country standards are still in existence and continue to support local requirements but in many countries there has been a move toward using the international standards produced by ISO and IEC. 

For example, the EN (European Norm) standards are used throughout the EEA countries. All new EN standards are aligned with, and in most cases have identical text with ISO and IEC standards.

IEC covers electro technical issues and ISO covers all other issues. Most industrialized countries are members of IEC and ISO. Machinery safety standards are written by working groups comprised of experts from many of the world’s industrialized counties. 

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