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Comparison between CRM Softwares

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems enable companies, including software development companies to track and manage all customer interactions across the customer lifecycle from lead to order to support in one master system of record.

CRM software suites typically provides:
  1. Sales Force Automation (SFA) including contact, account, and opportunity management,
  2. Marketing Automation features such as lead and campaign management,
  3. Customer support features such as support case and knowledge management, and
  4. a unifying database and platform for companies to manage all customer data and customer-facing applications.

Different CRM softwares are explained as follows :

1. Aplicor

Technology – Microsoft.Net,Sql server
Company – Private

  • Workflow automation capabilities stand alone
  • Strong Business Intelligence (BI) & analysis reporting
  • Strong feature sets and functionality
  • Private assembly model a unique alternative
  • Excellent customer support and client satisfaction

Cons :-
  • Company imposes 10 user minimum
  • No modular pricing
  • Slightly higher pricing than competitors
  • Only supports MS IE browser
  • Company needs to become more analyst friendly    

2. SAP

Technology :-HTML-5 , Webservices,  Sap mobile platform

Pros :-
  • Backing by the largest application software vendor in the world backing by the largest application software vendor in the world
  • Isolated tenancy hosted delivery model is a welcome change from most other hosted CRM vendors Isolated tenancy hosted delivery model is a welcome change from most other hosted CRM vendors

Cons :-
  • The product is new, shallow and comparatively weak when compared to other hosted CRM vendors; however, offers much broader and powerful ERP capabilities.

Technology :- Java, Linux
Company :- Oracle

Pros :-
  • CRM integrates to Oracle Financials
  • Nice dashboard
  • Good data warehousing (lacks flexibility, but good presentation)
  • Strong sales force automation (SFA)
Cons :-
  • Not as strong marketing automation or customer service
  • Lacks deep functionality offered by some other hosted vendors
  • Offline version is pretty bad
  • Allegedly poor customer service and turnover

Technology :- .Net
Company :- Microsoft Corporation

Pros :-
  • Good integration with Microsoft Office products
  • Reasonable sales force automation (SFA)
  • Strong technology foundation and architecture
  • Strong partner delivery network

Cons :-
  • Heavy browser architecture - fat client
  • Not taken seriously in the SaaS market place
  • Titan is Microsoft's first attempt at hosted CRM
  • Weak marketing and customer support

5. NetSuit

Pros :-
  • CRM integrates to back office accounting
  • Good service level agreement
  • Accounting is mature (company's original name was NetLedger reflecting it's accounting heritage)

Cons :- 
  • Good accounting, not as strong CRM
  • Primarily a small business system
  • Signs of a lot of client turnover
  • Allegedly poor customer support

The best CRM Software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and scale (based on market share, vendor size, and social impact). Thus, the custom software development companies use all the above CRM software to satisfy customer and maintain the good relationship with the customers and thereby adding a value to an IT organization.

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